Since 1952

Marble quarry and crushed marble

Since 1952, Marble quarry and crushed marble

Our company was founded as a trade name in 1974, continuing the family tradition which has been the exploitation of marble in the area of Barxeta since the 50s.

We offer our customers two types of marble of great quality and recognized prestige: Rosa Valencia and Crema Barxeta. Furthermore we make floor tiles.

As a modern company of the sector, the exploitation of the varieties of marble Crema Barxeta and Rosa Valencia has been adapted to the new technologies of diamond wire cutting.

Likewise, we have a crushing and classification plant that we supply from our quarry for the manufacture of crushed cream-pink limestone marble.
This product is commercialized throughout the whole national territory and is also exported to several countries.
A great number of construction wholesalers is coming to us. Since there is an extremely high demand for this product, please contact us for availability.

We currently have a large workforce, which guarantees a continuous exit flow of material from our holdings.
We are associated with Spain’s most important Marbleworkers’ Association, SUMARCOP.