Crushed marble

We have a crushing and classification plant that we supply from our quarry for the manufacture of crushed cream-pink limestone marble. We commercialize this product throughout entire Spain and export it to several countries around the world. A great number of construction wholesalers is coming to us.

The production process of crushed marble can be divided into several phases: The extraction of the marble from the quarry, the crushing and the classification.

The first step consists of the extraction of the marble from our quarries, where we select the pieces that later have to be split to a size that is suitable for crushing.

Once the selection of our material is finished, it passes a final sifting in order to eliminate those pieces that are not optimal for crushing and, therefore, will be rejected.

The rest of the marble that has passed the test, continues with the production process in the phases of crushing and classification, after which we obtain the final product.

The crushed marble is a product that has a great variety of applications. It can be used as an aggregate in construction mortars, as melting and refractory material in the iron and steel industry, as thermal insulation, as a stabilizer in the glass industry, in decorative gardening and even in the agriculture, to neutralize too acid soils.